Day 4: Paper Art Painting

Friday April, 5 (Scroll Down to see Our fabulous Slide Show!!)

4-1What a workshop we had on Friday! So many incredible photos to share, please do see them all if you can find the time! Kids Share Workshops was created with the idea that ALL children could become writers and illustrators to their own book, even if they think they can’t write or draw. Our paper art creations (which is only one to two days during an eight day workshop) is messy and fun and no matter what you feel you can or can’t do, you can do this! Before we began several Conn. mothers from surrounding communities and friends with Queen Hillary made really yummy treats for the kids and adults. A big shout out to them, THANK YOU!

4-3Before Kristina gave her careful instructions on how to create paper art she asked Johnny to travel to Guatemala and Central America with her to share with the class. A very humorous sharing of  a mujer en ropa típica (a woman in a typical clothing) and in this case, a skirt Kristina had bought in Panajachel, Guatemala, purses and artwork from Central America. Johnny explained that he had never traveled there before but would try to act a long. Soon after the children enjoyed a brief slide presentation of Kids Share Workshops in Guatemala and visiting the Rain-forest with Kristina’s children, we got started with our Paper Art!

4-46Paper Art! I think if you took some time to see the 78 photos in the slide show below there is no need to write much. It was basically very fun, everyone was smiling and getting creative with their designs. Kristina explained how careful each person needed to be and respectful of their neighbor. “Children” were asked not to get paint on each other and to politely ask to give their friend a hug, with their painting of course.Day 4: Paper Art

But when our very special surprise guests flew all the way from  Indiana just to meet some Kids Share Newtown kids and teachers, we saw this rule broken. Frank Brummet and his artistic daughters, India and Laurel decided not only to let the teachers and kids hand print their new Kids Share shirts but their faces to! They missed the part Kristina shared “latex house paint is not easy to get off your face so please keep it on the paper only!” A BIG THANK YOU to Frank and Sue Brummett for their very generous donation to publish Kids Share Newtown’s future book at their printing company Beryl Martin in Indiana! We also wanted to note that Queen Hillary is related to the Brummett family but they do not reside in her kingdom.

Stay tuned to see what we will be doing with all of this incredible paper art this Tuesday, April 9!

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