Day 8: Our Artist/Writers Gallery & Parent Party!

Friday, April 12 (Please scroll down to see our awesome slideshow and the founders Big THANK YOU!)

8-2Day 8 was our last day together and to share our master pieces! We had taken the time to set up our Artist & Writers Gallery the day before but first we wanted to celebrate with food and a presentation of our two weeks together.  Thanks to once again, you guessed it, Hillary’s Food Fairies and friends, we had pizza, cupcakes, chips, veggies, drinks and more! Other volunteers also brought some goodies and Jen, our Time Traveler Leader made sure we had helium for our balloons! Only a Time Traveler could find Helium when there currently is a shortage and nearly impossible to obtain these days!

8-26After our presentation; thanking all the parents for bringing their kids to our workshop, volunteers who made this a super fun and creative time together, we headed over to our Authors & Illustrators Gallery Room. Some stories were printed onto cards by Lauren our Island Goddess.  Children were asked if they wanted to read their stories for the entire room. Many brave and aspiring authors raised their hands to eagerly share where their writing adventure had taken them the past two weeks.

8-10Artwork was placed all around the room and each child proudly shared their paper life size portraits. Decorated Banners were also made for each Chapter Team table.

Kristina explained that from the paper art designs the kids had created, two professional illustrators, including herself would illustrate a piece for each chapter in addition to all their work, which is accompanied by their writing.

8-19The previous two published Kids Share Tibetan and Vermont and Kids Share Nicaragua and Vermont were left out for everyone to feel inspired about becoming published authors and illustrators as well!

8-45KIDS SHARE AWARDS: Each child who participated and completed at least a writing or illustration piece or both, received a Kids Share Newtown Award! We did not want to say goodbye but instead we will see you soon for our Kids Share Newtown Book & Film premier, scheduled sometime early September, 2013. We look forward to sharing our published work and inspiring more Kids Share Kids in the future!

Day 8Thanks for sharing with us Newtown Kids and a huge thanks to your parents for bringing you!  May you always find happiness and great adventure through your imagination!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dear Friends,

Writing the last day of the workshop was not easy. There are so many people that made our Kids Share Newtown workshop so wonderful, I feel there are not enough words to express my gratitude. From mothers and professionals, who took time out of their work schedule to volunteer with us to dedicated volunteer directors who committed countless administrative hours and want to continue on with Kids Share Workshops future programs.  I want to thank the following people below who gave of their time, energy teaching and hearts to help make Kids Share Newtown fun and rewarding for all!

In traveling and working in three different Central America countries and now three US states, Kids Share Newtown has made the ranks of SUPER CREATIVE AND FUN KIDS, soon to be published Authors and Illustrators! Congratulations to all those who joined us and became our 2013 Kids Share Newtown Creative Rock Stars!

Big Hugs, Kristina ApplegateFounder & Program Director

Many Thanks to; Lauren Lee- Kids Share Workshops Curriculum Director & Island Team LeaderJennifer Ponte Canning-Kids Share Creative and Public Relations Director & Time Traveler Team LeaderKris Pfeifer Shonk-Kids Share Graphics & Book Designer and Workshop Assistant, Erica Keene-Kids Share Newtown Photographer, VolunteerHillary & Paul Abrams-King & Queen Team Leader Teachers & Workshop DonationsCathy LoudonSuperhero Team Leader Teacher, Workshop Donations & Home-stay Host, Kristen Casey MarshallWorkshop Volunteer TeacherMary HamiltonKids Share Newtown Art Therapist & Teacher, Kian Jacobs and CurtKids Share Newtown Therapist & Teacher, Meg SullivanKids Share Newtown Team Assistant, Briana PellicciKids Share Newtown Team Assistant, Jennifer Dwyer Castanga-Kids Share Newtown Team Assistant, Margaret AvesatoKids Share Newtown Team Assistant, Salome Oggenfuss-Kids Share Newtown & Tally-HO Film Maker, Nina DayNina Day Casting, Frank Brummett-BerylMartin Kids Share Book Printing, Newtown Youth Academy FacilitatorsCody Foss, Sport Facility Director, Beth Bonofrio, Coach and Mike: Floor Managers,  Alisa Farley-NYA Director of Communications and Brenda & Dan Berta-Kids Share Workshops Founder Home-Stay in Ridgefield and to many businesses and others who supported our Kids Share Newtown Workshop 8-44


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