Day 7: Wrapping it Up & Setting up Our Artist/Writers Gallery!

Hello Friends! (Please stay awhile and visit our amazing slide show below!)

I am the founder, Kristina Applegate writing to you from my log home in Vermont. I will be posting the last two days of our workshop which ended April 12. Today while hiking trails behind my home,  I reflected on my time with all the incredible volunteers, kids and their parents.  I felt a sense of peace and tranquility before I realized I had lost my way in the woods! I sat down on a log and remembered that all I had to do was trace my steps backwards and get off the deer trail I had started to follow when spacing out.

7-1Right before me was a mushroom that looked like a three leaf clover.  Then it struck me, remember that this moment and the moments that follow are what we are living for. Take one step in front of the other and you will find your way back home. May all of you find magical places this spring, take a moment to reflect on what is right in front of you and the magic of what might lie ahead.

Thursday April, 11

7-3Before our workshop kids arrived Salome, the film maker who is assisting Nina Day Casting for our upcoming Documentary film featuring Kids Share Newtown, interviewed Mike, one of our NYA floor manager helpers. Why? Because Mike along with another man we called Coach, hauled numerous chairs, tables, managed our storage room set up, cleaned up our messes, tried to stay calm when all the kids wanted the turf room for some “letting energy out time” and simply loved hanging with a bunch of creative women and kids. Thanks Mike for helping to make our time at NYA amazing!

7-2Today was the day for us to finish our paper art illustrations which each child would be able to take home with them on friday. But first we had one of our most interesting snacks of the workshop, BUGS! The kids stared at them first trying to decide how they would like to get started. Again Hillary Abrams amazing team of Food Fairy Mom’s did not let us down with fantastic creations!

7-6After all the sugar highs Kristina decided it was time to relax the room with her Tibetan Singing Bowl. If you were a fly on the wall you would love to have seen the entire room of kids completely hypnotized to the point of falling asleep. Of course many children wanted to give it a try but found out it took a lot practice and patience.

7-15Mary Hamilton, our Volunteer Art Therapist on board completed the relaxation time with another round of cotton ball breathing. All kids found this activity not only relaxing but very focused with a friend. The senses of sound and breath helped us to ease back into our creative minds for one last day.

Many children had almost completed their final illustrations after reviewing their preliminary drawings and deciding on the best sketch to work 7-16from. This time also allowed for the children to polish up their writing. The teachers reminded the kids that their writing and illustration would be placed into a book and professionally published to share with their community!

The last hour of our workshop we had the kids create banners for each of their chapter tables. All completed artwork was hung on the wall behind their table. We went into the hallway for our group photos and funny outtakes. We had so much fun thanks to our teacher and professional photographer Erica Keene, who decided the funny outtakes would help show everyone how crazy and fun we are!

Please visit us one last time on our Workshop Page for Day 8 when we get to share our  creations with parents!


(This slide show will need your attention for more than a few minutes but we promise it is worth the funny outtakes at the end.  Courtesy of Keene Eye Photography.)

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