Day 6: Finishing Illustrations & Newtown Is…

Wednesday April, 10 (Scroll Down to see Our fabulous Slide Show!!)

6-3We had special guests join us today! Kris Shonk Pfeifer and her two sons; former Ridgefield High School Class of 88 Mom and official Graphic Designer for KSW (all the way from NJ) and John Lee, a retired high school principle who filled in to video tape funny Kids Share Newtown outtakes! He also happens to be Lauren’s husband.

6-6Today was our final day to work hard on our paper art illustrations and any additional writing we needed to finish. First we started off with a really fun exercise lead by Team Leaders and Directors, Lauren and Jen. They asked the children to raise their hand and tell us what they feel Newtown is? (fill in the blank). What came out was  positive and a sense of pride for their community. Many of the comments came from the Sandy Hook kids and how they expressed themselves in school. Our new book we are all creating will proudly share how wonderful this community is through the minds of children! The face of Newtown with Kids Share Workshops is Happy, Resilient  and Creative! 

As we come to a close and visualize the incredible work each child has done with us in the past two weeks, the volunteer teachers and directors unanimously feel joy in seeing each child open up tremendously and a sense of sadness knowing we must say goodbye on Friday. However we will see everyone again for our exciting book and film premier  party (to be announced), when we return to Newtown! Kristina has told everyone the hardest days are the first and last. The first is tough because we quickly are trying to get to know each other and figure out each child’s unique way of learning and the last is tough because of the new friends and connections we have made. However this is not goodbye but a new beginning. Stay tuned  for our upcoming book to read about the adventures in Newtown from the very talented Kids!

6-47Special Note: Not only has Kids Share Newtown been super fun for the kids but five friends from Ridgefield, Conn., class of 1988 reunited after more than 20 years and volunteered many hours to make all of this possible! We also have other Ridgefield graduates who have done amazing work as Kids Share Volunteers and Teachers. Happy times are always ahead with Kids Share Workshops and anything is possible!

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