Day 5: Creating Illustrations

Tuesday April, 9 (Scroll Down to see Our fabulous Slide Show!!)

5-1Today was Summer in Newtown so we headed out to the court yard and basked in the 78 degree sunshine!  Once again we enjoyed the super yummy treats made by community Moms and businesses organized by Queen Hillary. After coming inside Mary shared a relaxation technique blowing cotton balls to a friend. Something so simple amazingly relaxed all of us, even when watching!

5-8Ethan and Ben, who are brothers decided today was the best day to share. Their mother Sherry joined us so it was a perfect opportunity to impress Mom! We all learned how both brothers felt the importance of being an entrepreneur,  especially a Carnival Entrepreneur, would be a good life. Ethan explained that being good with your finances and having rides that everyone will enjoy was the key. Kristina asked if they would remember us when they became successful with their business and could we all possible get in for a free ride? Graciously they said yes!

Today Kristina began to teach everyone how to become an illustrator by using what each student had written and to take the best and simplest image they could pull from their story. She stressed the importance of large, block shapes when either tracing their sketches from the previous day or redrawing from their sketches. Everyone was told we were going to share all the paper art created from last Friday and to save every scrap piece to either use the next day or for the professional illustrators.



By the end of the workshop the illustrations placed either on wooden puzzle pieces or paper pallets were outstanding! We are looking forward to seeing further development of the illustrations on Wednesday, which will accompany the stories when the book is published!

Wrapping it up with continuation of the paper portraits where even the parents and teachers got involved!

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