Day 3: Chapter Team Writing Development & Paper Portraits

Thursday April, 4 (Scroll Down to see Our fabulous Slide Show!!)

3-3Everyone piled into the “Conference Room” at NYA where our fabulous Friendship Paper Portraits waited for us to continue! Although our space was smaller with no windows the Paper Portraits, which we had started the day before made us all feel right at home. Not only was the room filled with a lot of great creative energy we had our paper friends surrounding us! Kristina began sharing the Kids Share Song via video which was co-created with her daughter Phoebe and her many years ago and sung in three different Latin American countries and from  Oregon to Vermont! (We traveled from Vermont to the Guatemalan rain forest singing our Kids Share Song.)  Next all the Newtown kids sang it beautifully!

3-5The Superhero Team lead by Atomic Cathy continued to develop their team of Newtown Superheroes and specific jobs. Many of the children have inventive and surprising characters to share later in their book. The Time Travel Team lead by Jennifer traveled through time and back as they visited far away places like the Great Pyramids of Egypt and returning with a magical mummified cat, who would bring powers to Newtown. The Island Team lead by Captain Lauren sailed her crew to Newtown where many hidden treasures were buried to strengthen the island and help create unity. Next we visited the kingdom guided by Queen Hillary and King Paul. The Sandy Hook kids enacted new holidays that were mandatory! Our new Kids Share Newtown Book will surely be filled with exciting adventures created by some super powerful and creative Kids Share Kids. Stay Tuned!

3-18Before our budding authors were whisked away for the afternoon, the kids continued with their paper portrait spectacular version of themselves and had a brief run around the turf with King Paul. It is really exciting to see them add something new! We can’t forget to mention our exceptional Jump Roper Grace! She dazzled us all with staying on beat to her jump roping and leading us to wonder, could she make continue and make it into the Guinness Book of World Records? 

See you tomorrow when we roll up our sleeves and learn to become little Rembrandt’s! 

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