Day 1: Friendship Yarn & Wacky Newtown Headlines

1-14Tuesday, April 2 (Please scroll down to see our awesome slideshow!)

What an amazing afternoon together!  Words that best describe our special kids who joined us are; Creative, Energetic and Super Awesome! All of the volunteers enjoyed the first day of teaching with the Newtown kids. We started off  making our name tags and having our snack. There was a lot of getting to know new friends and feeling excited to be working with familiar buddies. Kristina decided to run them around the Turf room before beginning and almost passed out as many passed her and proved that she is no longer the great athlete she thought she was!

1-25Next we moved to the rug where we watched one of Kids Share’s first cross cultural workshop in Nicaragua. The kids learned a lot, especially how Kristina bunked with bunny rabbits (maybe they will share that with you?) She also shared two large co-created paintings that were made with children living in Nicaragua and Vermont. She explained how they to will help co-create professional illustrations with her and another artist named Kathy.

1-4We introduced our Team Leaders who observed and assisted but will be leading and teaching their team on Day 2. The Friendship Yarn activity was challenging with 28 students but very amusing to watch as Kristina asked each child to share about themselves and what they love most. Perhaps the adults got Kristina’s humor more than the kids.

The last activity was a group Wacky Newtown Headline, writing exercise accompanied by drawings. For example: “Aliens take over the Colony Diner!” Many of these fun headlines will be published in their book with us!

Please see our slideshow below to get a visual of how much fun we had! Day 2 we will be getting into our teams and begin writing for our book!

Photographs on this website are courtesy of Keene  Eye Photography

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