Kids Share Newtown Workshop 2013

What is Kids Share Workshops? 

We offer a free  book-building, peer learning workshop that inspires and empowers young people  in the United States, and in other countries to share their lives and communities through the publishing of their own stories.

Welcome to the home of Kids Share Workshops’ latest project, dedicated to healing the community of Newtown, Connecticut. 

Book Front Cover 72dpi

After a crazy, creative, fun and heartwarming workshop hosted by the wonderful folks at Newtown Youth Academy this past April, the KSWP team has been hard at work putting the beautiful results into a book. Each of our young artists and authors will receive a published copy of their work, thanks to the incredible generosity of BerylMartin Graphics! For more details, click here. We hope to present the books to the children this fall, with a community-wide celebration to possibly come at a later date.

This was our fifth complete Kids Share Workshop, and our largest team of professional volunteers and directors to date. Everyone involved has been devoted to helping Newtown’s children focus on all the wonderful aspects of their community—to remind us all what a beautiful and peaceful town it is. With the guidance of professional therapists and teachers, the children wrote original stories and created artwork that convey what they love about Newtown. This is the work that will appear in the book.

We continue to take the utmost care to be compassionate and thoughtful in every aspect of this program. Our goal is to show Newtown as a vibrantly creative community through the children’s artwork and stories, and ultimately to express its strength, foster hope for its future, and help to heal some hearts along the way.

Thank you for your interest and support! Please visit us again soon.

We hope you will join us for a future workshop! Please visit our main website at for more information.


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